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FLTfilms makes documentary films which explore the ethical
and spiritual dimensions of contemporary life.

Recent films have focussed on:

- inter-religious dialogue and cross-cultural encounter
- reconciliation and conflict resolution
- social and cultural renewal after war



FLTfilms is part of the charity
The Oxford Group/Initiatives of Change (Reg. UK Charity No. 226334). We depend on donations and sponsorship to make our films.

If you would like to support our work you may do so by credit card, cheque or debit card.

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FLTfilms is a not-for-profit trading company, administered as an autonomous division of  Initiatives of Change/The Oxford Group.

It makes and disseminates documentary films which explore faith-based approaches to reconciliation and peace-building, social renewal after war, economic development and environmental protection.

Co-Directors: Dr Alan Channer and Dr Imad Karam

Founder: David Channer

Over a period of almost 50 years, FLTfilms has established itself as a world-class documentary film unit specialising in films which foster reconciliation and peace-building. 

David Channer, the founder of FLTfilms, died in September 2006. (Obituary in 'The Independent' newspaper).

Dr Alan Channer joined FLTfilms in 1994, after 6 years as a research scientist including 2 years of field work in China, Malawi, Tuvalu and Zimbabwe.  As a Director/Producer with FLTfilms, Alan has developed a specialisation on themes involving inter-cultural understanding

Dr Imad Karam, a Palestinian film-maker and academic, joined FLTfilms
in April 2004. Imad has worked on the production of The Imam and the Pastor and An African Answer documentary films as well as several training videos.